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Working with Premiere Digital

Our client portal and our best-in-class customer services makes working with Premiere the best solution for digital media distributors


Premiere's Portal

The Premiere Portal gives our clients complete 24/7 visibility to order and asset status.  Orders and processes are all tracked through our portal and surfaced via its exception based dashboard.  In real-time you can see what’s due today, tomorrow, rest of week by department (client services, mastering, and fulfillment).  The portal is also a metadata repository for all title, business, and localized metadata. Lastly, the portal builds all of our work queues based on due dates, so there’s no confusion between client services, operations and you….complete transparency.

Customer Service

High-quality customer service is something we’re proud to provide to all of our clients.  We have an experienced and well-trained team of professionals backed up by processes and systems designed to ensure that the work you do with Premiere goes smoothly.  Our goal is to make sure you’re successful, so whether you’re doing a large volume of complex packages, day after air tv with short lead/turnaround times or just a few titles per month we dedicate the right resources to you.

Media Services


We can take in all of your video, audio, closed caption, subtitle, art, forced narrative, and metadata assets. Whether your assets are file, tape or film, we can ingest them from any format. In most cases, assets are file based and delivered via secure digital delivery with tools like Aspera, or uploaded securely and directly to our cloud-based systems. If we need to start from physical media (including hard drive), then you can simply ship them to us.

Quality Control

QC is an integral part of our workflow. We have a deep knowledge of retailer and broadcaster specifications, so we know what it takes to get content delivered successfully. All content receives a prescribed level of QC based on the intended destination of the content or our specific agreement of QC needs. We employ a combination of human QC and industry leading QC tools such as Interra System’s Baton. This ensures that we discover any problem assets quickly, ensuring successful deliveries and reducing cycle time. If we discover issues, we can repair them in-house or receive new assets.


We have the expertise and tools to repair content in-house. We can fix most things, including bad cadence, interlacing, video hits, audio drop-outs, and much more. These repairs are often necessary to meet retailer/broadcaster standards and get your content delivered successfully.


The conformance of assets to one another and retailer or broadcaster specifications is critical to successful deliveries. Premiere works with all types of assets in all languages, including poster art, audio, closed captions, subtitles, and forced narratives. We work with a huge amount of foreign language assets every day and also partner with the leading language services companies where necessary.


Premiere offers an array of originations services to ensure you have all the pieces and parts you need to distribute your content anywhere. Whether it’s closed captions, foreign language subtitles, localized art, chapter images, or trailers clips, Premiere can help make the assets you need to exploit all of your global distribution opportunities.


Premiere has a large transcoding farm and variety of tools to transform your media to the necessary file specifications. Our technology team is continually working with the latest formats, from 4K and HDR to IMF and DPP, so that we can always get your content where it needs to go.

Content Security

We work with industry leading tools for content watermarking and fingerprinting. Our technology team is working regularly with clients to onboard new content security tools and workflows, so feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Many of today’s deliveries require complex XML’s with assets and metadata, and there isn’t anyone more experienced with this than Premiere. We are involved in the creation of specifications with retailers and standards groups on a regular basis. Not only does Premiere do this well, we do it at scale with the ability to successfully deliver thousands of complex packages per month.

New and Emerging Technology

Premiere is constantly focused on the latest technologies and newest media processes that continue to evolve and shape our industry.  We are committed to working with content owners, retailers, platforms, and broadcasters to ensure that the creative vision is carried across to the consumer.  We work minimize roadblocks and hurdles along the way, and to act as a subject matter expert for both our clients and their customers. Additionally, Premiere and its staff are members of several technology-focused industry groups.  Through these groups, we can continue to engage and participate with those responsible for the creation of many of these new technologies, and to remain on the forefront of what is next to come.


UHD and 4K

IMF (Interoperable Master Format)

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

DPP (Digital Production Partnership)

Virtual Reality

Cloud-Based Processing


Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA)

Hollywood Professional Alliance (HPA)

Media and Entertainment Strategy Advisors (MESA)