Major studios, independent distributors, and retailers are using Premiere’s Storefront Software globally


Storefront Updates

Storefront Updates enables operational efficiency, transparency and controls for making updates to on-store avails.  With complete awareness of title availability, Updates offers up to 97% time savings, maintenance of transaction history, and the ability to control functionality by role, region, and/or territory.

Updates allows 20 types of updates including availability, pricing, intervals for purchase and rental models, pre-order and more.  The system is currently live with iTunes with additional major retailers coming in September.


Storefront Marketing

Your worldwide iTunes availability combined with worldwide interest on Facebook and the ability to immediately deliver fully localized worldwide ad campaigns out of a single interface.  Drive awareness of availability and pricing with all the control you want over art, messaging, targeting and budget.  Keep track of impressions, clicks and spend.

Storefront Marketing also ensures advertised titles are live and pricing is as expected before launching campaigns.  Support for additional retailers and ad platforms coming soon.


Storefront Search

Worldwide feature availability and pricing data across major digital retailers/platforms refreshed daily.  Are avails live? Are titles live incorrectly? Is there title and price parity across retailers/territories?  How are titles placed?  What’s the competition doing?  These are just some of the questions Storefront Analytics can answer.  All feature titles are fully matched across retailers, and we’re currently tracking iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, Sony Playstation, Vudu, Comcast, Direct TV, Netflix and Hulu everywhere they are available.  Additional retailers can be tracked on request.


We build custom web and mobile apps for content owners and retailers


20th Century Fox, who was already using Storefront Updates across their international marketing teams, came to us with the concept for selling price promoted movies in multiple territories via a direct to consumer app.  We developed the app, and related CMS, to Fox’s requirements and integrated it to Storefront Updates which keeps iTunes and Fox’s “Movie of the Day” in sync in addition to leveraging on-store art and metadata.

Quiver, Premiere’s independent distribution platform, is a one of a kind end-to-end distribution platform built and maintained in-house.  The Quiver Platform, powered by a complex rules engine, allows filmmakers from around the world to distribute their content directly to major retailers without having to be experts in film distribution or retailer specifications.  The Sundance Institute was so impressed by our straightforward approach to film distribution and software tools that they engaged Premiere to create a while label version of Quiver for it’s #artistservices program available to Sundance alumni.

Premiere has built several other custom tools for use with iTunes, EIDR, UV and more, so please contact us to help solve your challenges.