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A Big Data Approach to Worldwide Digital Sales


What do I have? Where is it? Where isn’t it? Is it priced correctly? Who’s interested in it? How do I do something about it?  These are basic questions anyone with inventory should be able to answer, and now with Storefront’s MyLibrary, you can.  The core of MyLibrary is a daily refreshed dataset of worldwide title availabilities correlated across retailers.  The UI organizes this vast amount of information into easy to use filterable exception based views, where data can be reviewed and shared, decisions made, and actions taken.  Examples of MyLibary functionality include: comparing live storefront to availability accuracy; cross retailer title availability and price parity; new release storefront checks; managing VOD availability windows; confirming placement; retailer parity; monitoring for going live early and numerous others.


Storefront Updates has complete awareness of availabilities and allows users to make updates to multiple retail storefront simultaneously providing massive operational efficiency. Tasks that could take hours or days, can now be completed in just a few minutes.  These efficiencies give content owners the ability to actively work the entire catalog on a worldwide basis and seize business opportunities as they arise. The Updates Dashboard displays the status of updates by effective date so you can always ensure changes are made when you want.  In addition, the software maintains a transaction history by user and provides the ability to control functionality by role, region and/or territory.  Users can make 20 types of updates including availability, pricing, price intervals for EST & VOD, ratings, pre-order and more.


Generate a fully localized worldwide ad campaigns targeted to social media users interested in your titles (and aspects of those titles) and have them delivered to the targeted consumers in their native language.  Storefront Marketing combines awareness of your library with social media interest by retailer, territory, title and language and before users even touch the keyboard.  The internal artwork management system stores approved artwork which can be assigned as global or by territory/ language. Key demographics and budgets can be set at global and/or campaign levels.  When Marketing is used in conjunction with Storefront Updates, the system is automatically aware of pricing updates and ready to deliver ad campaigns for these price promotions.


We build custom web and mobile apps for content owners and retailers


20th Century Fox, who was already using Storefront Updates across their international marketing teams, came to us with the concept for selling price promoted movies in multiple territories via a direct to consumer app.  We developed the app, and related CMS, to Fox’s requirements and integrated it to Storefront Updates which keeps iTunes and Fox’s “Movie of the Day” in sync in addition to leveraging on-store art and metadata.

Quiver, Premiere’s independent distribution platform, is a one of a kind end-to-end distribution platform built and maintained in-house.  The Quiver Platform, powered by a complex rules engine, allows filmmakers from around the world to distribute their content directly to major retailers without having to be experts in film distribution or retailer specifications.  The Sundance Institute was so impressed by our straightforward approach to film distribution and software tools that they engaged Premiere to create a while label version of Quiver for it’s #artistservices program available to Sundance alumni.

Premiere has built several other custom tools for use with iTunes, EIDR, UV and more, so please contact us to help solve your challenges.